Kratom Krates

Kratom Krates was established in 2015 in Tampa, Fl by co-owners and life-long best friends, John Ridinger and Frank Markim. The two always planned to open a business together. However, they waited until they finally found a product they could both stand behind. They both felt compelled to join the kratom industry after experiencing the benefits of kratom for themselves and witnessing kratom benefit many of their own family and friends.

They saw kratom as a unique product, with a range of benefits, from replacing one’s morning cup of coffee to improving a person’s overall wellbeing. They decided to create their own kratom company because they recognized the glaring need for the product to be manufactured the correct way. That means following AKA GMP procedures, third-party lab testing, and properly labelling the product. Kratom companies safely manufacturing their products is essential to the entire industry and necessary to give kratom the positive light it deserves. John and Frank believe that kratom has unfairly received a lot of bad publicity, despite the long history of known benefits that have been reported for kratom in Asia and the many scientific studies performed here in the US. John affirms, “When it comes to kratom, it is important for people to do their research, beyond the one-off article they can find on Google.”

To produce the high-quality standards they guarantee, Kratom Krates take a couple of steps further than most when processing their products. Their premium kratom powder is sourced directly from Indonesia by family-owned and operated farms. First, they had lab tests done on the product from 50 different kratom farms to find a suitable farm for the job. Next, they tested the powder themselves before deciding on the one small family farm that they still work with today. This farm has grown with them and has its own GMP facility it operates from to ensure consistency and overall product quality. The farm’s leaves are never dried in the sun. Each machine is properly maintained and cleaned before processing any kratom material. Their precisely picked, finely ground, and indoor-dried leaf ensures top of the line alkaloid content and consistency. In addition, the powder is triple sifted at Kratom Krates’ facility to provide a fluffy texture with no impurities. The Kratom Krates’ way of doing things is the right way. It’s their mission to always do right by their customers, by all means necessary. John and Frank agreed, “If you’re not treating the customers right, then you shouldn’t be in business in the first place.” Their quality guarantee exemplifies their pride in pleasing customers with quality and proper procedures. This guarantee offers a total replacement or refunds to any customer who is not satisfied with the product. Frank emphasizes, “We strive to provide a highquality product and even better customer service.”

Kratom Krates is best known for their Green Maeng-Da Kratom, which won ‘Best Alternative Product’ this year at the Alt Pro Expo in Fort Lauderdale, FL. John remarks, “For our kratom to win this award among some of the bigger companies in the industry, it proves that our product stands out for its premium quality.” Maeng-Da Kratom is generally accepted as one of the most popular available strains. It has become particularly popular with people who do mental and manual work. Kratom Krates’ Extract Powders are unique to the industry, with a very crystally, clean appearance that dazzles customers with a purity that you can see. Another product that has become increasingly popular is the K-Pack display boxes. These boxes serve as a countertop display equipped with retail-ready grab-and-go style packets. Each packet contains six kratom capsules. One display box contains 50 packs of the strain of your choice. The K-Pack display boxes are perfect for convenience stores and smoke shops, with the positive customer response to these easy to carry/conceal packets.

Kratom Krates is very proud to become one of the first American Kratom Association GMP approved vendors. With how seriously they feel about maintaining the highest standards of practice, it is an honor to be trailblazers within the industry, setting the bar for how kratom should be manufactured. Aside from their quality standards, John and Frank seek to maintain a strong relationship with their customers. They take feedback from their customers to heart and always take the initiative to facilitate open lines of communication with them. As they plan their next product expansion, they are sending out a survey to current customers to allow them to provide their input about which new product they would like to see Kratom Krates create. So, keep an eye out for their next product launch, expected by Q3 or Q4 this year.

The team at Kratom Krates has just completed a total revamp of their packaging with higher quality bags to match the products inside. In addition, the packaging displays a QR code for quick access to their lab reports and additional product information. Their branding emphasizes a more holistic and healthconscious approach to the kratom market. They target a health and wellness type of audience. Kratom Krates understands how to support the retailers properly. They always provide a wholesale doc with in-depth descriptions of each product that can help sales associates describe the difference of each strain to customers. They also offer window cling advertising to help stores promote the products. For their significant distributors, they have provided a fantastic solution to the counter space dilemma: branded stands for the products to be placed on any open floor space in the store.

You can meet the team at upcoming trade shows, such as the White Label Expo in Las Vegas this May or the Alt Pro Expo this November in Tampa, Fl. For more information, please visit their website at or call them at (727) 264-6546.