Nano Bella

At the heart of Nano Bella’s production process lies a deeprooted passion for innovation and an unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technology.

This is reflected in their dedication to scientific research and development with their use of a powerful precursor to most cannabinoids, CBG, which is combined with their proprietary Nanoemulsion technology and other premium ingredients to produce products that are unparalleled in their effectiveness and quality. Nano Bella was built upon their proprietary Nanoemulsion technology that improves the speed of absorption and increases bioavailability of the cannabinoids by many times. This unique combination of science, technology, and premium ingredients is a testament to their commitment to producing exceptional products that surpass expectations and set new standards for excellence in the industry.

The founders of Nano Bella are doctors in their respective disciplines with expertise in Biochemistry, Immunology, and Nanoemulsion technology. They developed the propriety technology that serves as the foundation of Nano Bella’s products. Sothi Thillairajah, Co-Founder and CEO previously served as the CEO of Culver Hemp Holdings where his work involved industrial hemp seed genetics, planting, harvesting and extraction in both central Oregon and Colorado. Driven by the desire to help veterans with PTSD and opioid dependence, his passion for cannabinoidbased products to provide instant relief for pain and anxiety was sparked 7 years ago, after meeting countless combat vets that were suffering from PTSD with few options available to achieve relief. Dr. Gowri Coomaraswamy Ph.D., Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Nano Bella is a molecular biologist with a specialization in immunology and biochemistry. She engineered the development of Nano Bella’s products.

Nano Bella formulates and manufactures hemp derived CBGisolate products in their own pharmaceutical-grade lab. They carefully source each individual ingredient to ensure every component of their product meets the highest standards. Their formulations are created without unnecessary fillers that could compromise the integrity of the final product. They are confident that their CBG-isolate and hemp-isolates are sourced from some of the most impressive GMP extraction facilities in the United States. Nanoemulsion breaks down cannabinoid oil particles to improve speed absorption and increase volume of absorption of the cannabinoid bioactive by up to 5x. This enhances the unique properties of CGB, which can bind to both CB1 and CB2 receptors. In addition, CBG has the power to displace THC from the receptor that it binds to, which essentially helps to balance out a THC high very quickly. This CBG superpower is the reason Nano Bella created their Nano CBG & Hemp Isolate Green Landings, a 500MG CBG and 500MG Hemp Isolate combination oral drops. The Green Landings drops support a healthy response for cannabis users experiencing occasional anxiety or irritability.

Nano Bella’s proprietary technology was used to develop their full product line, including: The Nano CBG & Hemp Green Landings, CBG Muscle Balm, Nano CBG Sublime Elixir, CBG Face Serum, and CBG Hemp Face Cream. Their CBG Muscle Balm is another star product that has already gained a ton of traction. The CBG Muscle Balm is packed with 1000MG CBG and 1000MG Hemp Isolate to supports healthy response to occasional stress and inflammation, which is ideal for use before, during and after a long period of strenuous physical activity. This concentrated blend of nanoemulsified CBG and Hemp isolates, paired with a rejuvenating mix of Peppermint oil, Arnica, and Magnesium, is a true friend to tired, tight, and sore muscles. To a similar effect within the body, the Nano CBG Sublime Elixir offers 500MG CBG and 500MG Hemp Isolate in oral drops that support relaxation and healthy sleep patterns, while also supporting a healthy response to occasional anxiety, stress and inflammation. Beyond the wellness products that Nano Bella has developed, they have created several formulas to help revitalize and nourish the skin as well. The CBG Hemp Face Cream is packed with Niacinamide, Matrixyl 3000®, Hyaluronic acid, Mango, and Shea butters to leave skin with a healthy, luminous glow. The CBG Face Serum is available in a Daytime and a Nighttime formula, which contain 125MG CBG and 125MG Hemp Isolate and is packed with skin loving ingredients like MATRIXYL 3000®, COQ10, and Hyaluronic Acid. The Daytime formula includes Vitamin C, while the Nighttime formula includes Retinol.

Nano Bella’s products were tested on hundreds of people before coming to market. By carrying Nano Bella’s line of products, retail stores can boost their revenue by increasing customer loyalty and repeat purchases. The high-quality and in-demand nature of these products ensure that customers will return to the store to make additional purchases. The efficacy and benefits of the CBG Muscle Balm have garnered the attention of numerous highly skilled athletes. Among these athletes are a number of esteemed UFC fighters and powerlifters who have found the CBG Muscle Balm to be a valuable addition to their training regimens. Nano Bella has also established a policy to honor and support the sacrifices made by combat veterans. As part of this policy, the company offers complimentary products to combat veterans who make contact with them. This offer comes with no cost attached, and it serves as a small token of appreciation for the dedication and courage demonstrated by these veterans in service to their country. To order Nano Bella products and for more information, visit their website at

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