Phantoms Cannabliss

The Phantoms Cannabliss family was created in 2020 in Easton, PA to fulfill the needs of cannabis connoisseurs and medically informed people all around the nation, with quality being the number one priority. Since not all areas of the country can offer public access to medical marijuana, Phantoms Cannabliss was created to serve a need for legal cannabinoid products that could be therapeutic in a way that is similar to medical marijuana. With this in mind, the brand strives to make the most innovative blends on the market, specially designed by their in-house team of experts. Nick Bhalala, President of Phantoms Cannabliss, has a background in IT, and his business partner Rick, has a PHD in chemistry with a focus on medicine formulation. Together, they put the best of their collective knowledge and experience into launching a brand that introduces unique cannabinoid blends to the legal market.

Phantoms Cannabliss offers cannabinoid cartridges to the public with the highest standards for safety and efficacy as a solid foundation. Their proprietary blend of THCV+D8+CBD+CBN+CBG is well represented among their products and has become well-known for helping with back pain, sleeping and appetite issues. Keeping the end user experience in mind while creating each product, has been instrumental in the success of the company. For this reason, they have gained a very loyal customer base, which has helped them maintain an open door for customer feedback to ensure optimal user satisfaction, from the effects to the flavor. Their flavors are hand crafted by an industry leading expert crafter of terpenes and flavor profiles, using only the highest grade hempderived and botanical-derived terpenes.

“At Phantoms Cannabliss, we do it right. We believe quality starts with the ingredients.” -Nick Bhalala, President of Phantoms Cannabliss

With quality ingredients being of utmost importance, Phantoms Cannabliss takes this responsibility very seriously. That’s why they promise their products contain absolutely no MCT, PG, PEG, or VG liquids, and no vitamin E acetate (in any form). They have also managed to ensure a stable liquid in their cartridges that is not prone to crystallization (which means no bricked carts). Their Delta 8 distillate is derived from organically grown hemp in California that’s full panel tested for heavy metals, microbials, and pesticides, and certified not to contain any of those contaminants, by an ISO-accredited laboratory!Each carefully crafted blend is filled into Full Ceramic Ascent iCells Cartridges for extra flavor, performance, and durability!

Phantoms Cannabliss offers an exceptional line of THCV Carts and Disposables, known as their “Perfect Blend Cartridges”. This line includes a premium selection of fan-favorite strains such as Northern Lights, Blue Dream, Gelato, Strawberry Cough, Green Crack, Abracadabra, and Death Star. For those who are not yet familiar with THCV, this cannabinoid is a like a super sativa. It’s invigorating and stimulating, and perfect for day time smoking. Combined with Delta 8 THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC, these cartridges are perfect for energy while also providing full body relaxation and relief! Years of craft, development, and expertise from the industry’s leaders have created this line for an experience never before seen on the legal market. After rigorous testing and extensive research to find the absolute best ingredients available, this line aims to be considered the best cartridge on the market!

The team hasn’t stopped developing new cartridges to delight the market, and are excited to announce they are launching 3 new blends this October: THCP+THCV+D8 (Sativa), THCP+D8+CBN (Indica) and THCP+D8 (Hybrid). THCP is a newly discovered phytocannabinoid that is found to be stronger and more effective at binding to CB1 and CB2 receptors, and Phantom Cannabliss intends to stay ahead of the curve by being one of the first to introduce this new cannabinoid into their premium blends. These expert blends with THCP include the Chem Dawg Hybrid strain, and they up the ante with Sativa-driven blends like Dream Walker Sativa, and Super Green Crack Sativa that seamlessly marry THCP, D8, and THCV for the ultimate high-energy experience.

Phantoms Cannabliss takes the end user experience, customer service, and quality to the next level. Because they care a lot about how the end user feels when using the product, all products are made with consumers in mind, which is demonstrated by their top-notch quality control team, working diligently to ensure they only offer the best quality to their customers. You can see the quality for yourself by visiting the Phantoms Cannabliss booth at upcoming trade shows: USA CBD EXPO CHICAGO, TPE and CHAMPS.

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