Wakit Grinders

Who Are Wakit Grinders?

Wakit Grinders are a marketplace disruptor. Wakit Grinders answer unmet needs in the grinder sector because of its speed, excellent stem-free result, and it yields a perfect texture and consistency every time. Wakit Grinders’ Ball & Chain patented technology trims the flower off the stems without tearing or crushing, thus better preserving the delicate medicinal properties.

Founded by Gustavo Reyes, CEO and Esther Delgado-Lago, Vice President, Wakit Grinders by G&E Innovations was established in 2017 and is now located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The original business was built with a focus on the cannabis patient. The idea was a device that would improve medical patients’ quality of life, through providing ease of consumption. Developing a new invention is a process, and once they had a working prototype, it was time to test the market and see how the consumer accepted the new grinder.

Their national debut was in 2018 at The High Times Event in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it was an instant hit! With proof of concept, they went into full production for Wakit Grinders, a rechargeable, electronic cannabis grinder, that when placed over the cannabis flower, shreds the flower with a ball and chain, creating a fluffy texture and perfect consistency

“As a lifelong cannabis patient and connoisseur, I was often disappointed with the products sold in the cannabis industry. I was determined to invent and manufacture a product that would effectively grind cannabis while providing ease of use. It had to be a product that I, myself would love using. After research and development, we finally released the first Wakit Grinders product to the public.

We soon realized that our target consumer was anyone who consumes cannabis in its flower form, ranging from 21+ to over 65, who is looking for a better way of breaking down the flower. Especially medical patients that have challenges with dexterity issues due to medical conditions. As an inventor, the most fulfilling experience is being able to make a difference in the lives of medical cannabis patients. Reading messages from people sharing their stories that Wakit Grinders has improved their quality of life because they can get their herb ground with just a push of the button within seconds is priceless.

I wanted to make sure the consumer loved the product and knew they could have peace of mind knowing they were purchasing a product of quality, so we offered a warranty, which is first of its kind, as no electric cannabis product under $100 comes with a warranty. We stand behind our products with a rock-solid guarantee. We care that our users enjoy their experience with all our product lines and that they continue to support our brand as we all continue to grow in the cannabis community together.” - Esther Delgado-Lago, Vice President Wakit Grinders have come to revolutionize the industry while building a global presence as the world’s first electric grinder that uses ball & chain technology. Now, consumers can prep their herb to the perfect consistency with no mess, no wasted herb, and little to no effort, as users simply press down on Wakit’s pressure cap to activate. One to two quick short taps will yield a coarse consistency, while adding another quick short tap will yield a finer grind; the more quick-short taps you add, the finer your grind.

The Wakit Grinders KLR (clear) Series offers 3 different Wakit Grinder styles; Wakit KLR Lucid, the Wakit KLR Tree Goddess, and the Wakit KLR Black. The Wakit KLR Lucid offers a completely clear see-through chassis so that the entire mechanism can be viewed; including the grinding chamber and revolving ball and chain which light up with LED lights during grinding. The Wakit KLR Tree Goddess was designed in honor of the plant, and is a favorite with the female consumer due to its whimsical image of a tree goddess in a cannabis forest that beckons you with her eyes. This model also offers a see-through chamber lit by led lights which allows the consumer to enjoy the grinding experience. The Wakit KLR Black design is a favorite with consumers who enjoy stickers, since the black chassis provides the perfect background to place your own unique stickers, creating a personal Wakit design; while still enjoying a see-through chamber lit by led lights. The grinders in this series boast enhanced motor strength to make sure that no matter how dense or sticky the flower is, users can grind to their preference.

G&E Innovations strives to bring a superior product to a diverse community of people from all walks of life. No matter how you enjoy your herbs, G&E Innovations has the solution for you and has priced Wakit Grinders so it does not break your wallet either. They are in the final stages of releasing a new series of products this fall, and are super excited to show the market what they’ve been working on! The team has been perfecting their own electric cone filler that will be a major disruptor in the cone industry. So, look out for the new product lines coming to you soon! You can visit Wakit Grinders online at www.wakitgrinders.com

In the USA and Canada, the current Wakit Grinders KLR Series is available through their Exclusive Wholesale Distributor OCB. You can contact Wakit Grinders at 1-877-456-8544 or info@wakitgrinders.com to set up a wholesale account in the USA or for International Sales. Consumers can find Wakit Grinders product lines on www.wakitgrinders.com and on Amazon USA